Here’s an article about fearsome, people-eating fish from the The West Australian in October 1927:


Two Young Ones Caught

The capture of two young sharks in the Swan River, near Perth, yesterday, gave ample evidence, that sharks, as well as human beings, are realising that summer is approaching. Bathers who indulge in swimming -alone or at night would do well -to remember that there may be other swimmers of a dangerous type in the river, and take extra precaution. One of the sharks was captured by a lad named Michael O’Brien, of Victoria Park, near the Causeway. The boy was informed by a friend that a shark, was imprisoned in a shallow mud-hole, apparently having been unable to find its way back to the deep channel. He went to the spot armed with a piece of fencing material; and, when he saw the fish, he attacked it and managed to kill it. The shark proved to be a young one of the grey nurse variety, and measured about three feet.

M. O’Brien, of Victoria Park, with the shark he caught near the Causeway yesterday.

SHARKS IN RIVER. (1927, October 21). The West Australian(Perth, WA : 1879-1954), p. 19. Retrieved February 26, 2011, from

Just a tad sensational. Are we beyond that now? Let’s have a look at today’s West Australian online:

Three bull sharks have been caught in the Swan River this week, prompting a warning to river users.

The sharks, ranging in size from 70cm to 1.1 metres were caught in the river on Tuesday and Wednesday nights between the Maylands Yacht Club and South Perth foreshore.


Bull sharks, which can grow up to 3m, have very powerful jaws and an aggressive nature, are thought to be responsible for the last confirmed shark attack in the Swan River in 1968 and the last fatal river attack in 1923.

SWAN RIVER SHARK WARNING. (2011, February 25). The West Australian (Perth, WA) Retrieved February 26, 2011, from

A pretty similar story! If you head over to the National Library of Australia Trove you can find their collection of digitised West Australian newspapers. Click on any of them, then type ‘shark’ and toggle on ‘limit to xx’. You’ll find a fascinating list of stories involving sharks in our city.

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